Erik Jones

Erik Jones is Director of the Bologna Institute for Policy Research and Professor of European Studies at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center. He was recently appointed Director of the SAIS Program in European Studies (effective June 2012) and is also currently serving as Senior Research Fellow at Nuffield College in Oxford. Jones is author of The Politics of Economic and Monetary Union (2002), Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Small States (2008) and editor or co-editor of more than twenty books or special issues of journals on topics related to European politics and political economy including The Oxford Handbook on the European Union (2012). Professor Jones teaches on topics in international and comparative political economy with a particular focus on Europe and the transatlantic relationship.

Professor Jones is a frequent commentator on European politics and political economy whose contributions have been published in, among others, Foreign Affairs, the Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, and newspapers and magazines across Europe. He has written extensively on European monetary integration and macroeconomic governance and has been active in public debates about the European response to the global economic and financial crisis.

Professor Jones is a contributing editor to the Institute for International and Strategic Studies journal Survival and sits on the editorial boards for The International Spectator, the Journal of European Public Policy, Government and Opposition, and the Journal of European Integration. He also serves on management committee for the Istituto Carlo Cattaneo and the steering committee for the Standing Group on the European Union of the European Consortium for Political Research. He has also worked closely with think tanks in Brussels, The Hague, London, Madrid, Milan and Rome. Jones is a frequent contributor to Oxford Analytica and an occasional contributor to the Gerson Lehrman Group. He advises two innovative start-up consultancies: Counterpoint and Oxfirst, focused on 'cultural intelligence' and the economic aspects of innovation, respectively. He has worked closely with both the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Jones earned his AB at Princeton University (1988) and his MA and PhD at Johns Hopkins SAIS (1990, 1996). Prior to joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins, he worked at the Centre for European Policy Studies, the Central European University and the University of Nottingham. A US citizen, Jones has lived in Europe for the last twenty years; he is married with three children.

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