Institute of English and American Studies

The Institute of English and American Studies, PPCU, is an academic centre specialising in university-level education and cutting-edge research in the culture, literature, history of English-speaking countries, English linguistics, ELT, literary translation and (general) theoretical linguistics.

What defines us is not that our classes are in English but that they are about English -- where "English" refers to a set of linguistic and cultural patterns. This means that you have to have a high level of proficiency in English to be able to follow us, and you have to be interested in this set of linguistic and cultural patterns called "English".

Departments: DELC     DELPATS     DTL


BA in English Studies             MA in English Studies 
5-year MA in ELT                    MA in Translation and Interpreting
BA Theoretical Linguistics minor/specialisation
Theoretical Linguistics MA
Postgraduate specialised training programmes

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Institute of English and American Studies, PPCU