Renaissance Research Centre

The research centre was founded in 1999 with the mission to bring together colleagues at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary whose research is connected to 16th-17th-century English culture.

Back then the Centre included four instructors from the Institute of British and American Studies, namely Tibor Fabiny, Péter Benedek Tóta, Károly Pintér and Zsolt Almási. We had two reasons to create the research centre: first to coordinate our researches and to create a study program for advancing Renaissance English studies at our institute.

After some years of successful collaboration, Dr. Fabiny left the institute and formally the research centre as well, dr. Károly Pintér's research interest turned away from the renaissance and younger colleagues joined us. Since then the Centre includes Péter Tóta BenedekZsolt AlmásiVeronika SchandlKinga FöldváryGabriella Reuss beside  Erzsébet Stróbl and Katalin Tabi who do not currently teach at our Institute, furthermore doctoral students who come and go according to the stages of their studies.

The fields of research that we cover include Thomas More, Shakespeare's dramatic oeuvre and its reception history on stage, on the screen or in cyberspace.

Our recent project is "Shakespeare in Central Europe after 1989: common heritage and regional identity" - a project funded by the Visegrad Fund. More information >>

The website of the RRC: