Life Management Counselling

Peer Counselling

Peer counsellors are self-motivated psychology students close to graduation. Based on their age, they have similar life experiences as the students asking for their aid, which makes them easier to connect.

The peer counselling services of our university are available to international students in English. The counselling is free of charge – and judgment – we work with complete confidentiality.

The services we provide

  • Providing information about university life, local culture, activities
  • Guidance counselling
  • Helping students living with disabilities
  • Organizing activities relating to psychology and self-knowledge

Some issues you can come to us with:

  • Culture-shock, home sickness, fitting in
  • Family problems
  • Relationships
  • Academic difficulties, career advice
  • Time management, procrastination
  • Stress, coping with challenges
  • Self-esteem and identity issues
  • Resolving interpersonal conflict

Or any other topic you want to discuss, remember: to us, there is no such thing as a small problem.

What’s the usual process of peer counselling?         

  • If you decided to request counselling services, you can reach out to us via email, and we will make an appointment accommodating your schedule.
  • Alternatively, you can come to our room during office hours: Tuesday 12.00 p.m. – 1.00 p.m.
  • During the first session you and a councellor will explore the problem, setting up the future course of the counselling. Sometimes even a single session can be quite useful.
  • You can return for multiple sessions, and you'll work together with your counsellor on solving the problem and improving your resiliency, so you can overcome future challenges more easily.
  • If the problem requires deeper exploration, the peer counsellor helps you get in touch with a professional.



  • The place: 1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán tér 1. - Sophianum, in room 012 (ground floor, left of the stairs)
  • Office hours: Wednesday 10.0 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.
  • A session is 50 minutes
  • The service is free
  • We are friendly

Our peer counsellor

Szilvia Novák

Dear All!

My name is Szilvia Novák, I'm a graduated psychologist.

As a BA student I also went on Erasmus Programme and spent half a year abroad, so I am familiar with what culture-shock and homesickness feels like on a daily basis. Being far away from your friends and family during these sometimes tough times can be quite difficult.

If you feel that you either cannot bear this feeling on your own anymore, or you need an outsider's perspective in your life, or you have always been interested in what a counselling session looks like, do not hesitate to contact me with anything that occupies your mind. I cannot give you advice but I am here to guide you on your way of better understanding yourself and making decisions on your own.

Remember: „Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery." (J. K. Rowling)

To make an appointment, feel free to send an email to Please note that the psychological counselling sessions are held in the Sophianum building of the university at Mikszáth Kálmán tér 1., Budapest.