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Teachers are one of the most important factors in guaranteeing success for our students. We are committed to providing you with the best qualified and the most experienced teaching professionals.

They don't just teach, but actively ensure that they teach in the best way possible. You will be learning from leading experts in their fields.

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Zsolt Almási

English and American Studies

"I like about [foreign students] that their presence at the class makes it natural that we communicate in English, and that they bring new perspectives to the discussions. But first and foremost that they are so very much like us, we share the same values, cultural heritage." More →

János Barcsák

English and American Studies

"I always try to make my students think: I encourage them to see beyond common sense answers to problematic issues and to formulate and defend their positions articulately." More →

Eszter Berán


„In my experience Erasmus students are very open to Hungarian culture. I always make sure to include important readings in class about Hungarian culture and history.”
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Ottília Boross


"Erasmus students greatly enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of Budapest with its exciting student life. They give all new experiences a warm welcome, work hard and do their best to meet the requirements." More →

András Cser

English and American Studies

"I usually try to steer students towards universities with a strong academic profile, but even if that does not work out I tell them that it is always a good thing to spend some time abroad, even if you only learn subjects you could learn at home too. Broadening your personal and intellectual horizon is paramount." More →

György Domokos

Italian Studies

"It is sometimes difficult to get around with a group with students of very different cultural backgrounds, but I think it is a positive challange for me." More →

Jekatyerina Dunajeva

International and Political Studies

"Broadly, my areas of research are historical and contemporary state- and nation-building processes. I am particularly interested in how “Others” are constructed, and hence in the past conducted extensive research on Roma and state education policies." More →

Botond Feledy

International and Political Studies

„I usually focus on issues which are actually shaping the future of the students. If they do not fail to recognize this, then their interest is naturally born, which in turn drives us to great discussions and a high level of engagement.” More →

Kinga Földváry

English and American Studies

"I am truly interested in students' opinion about the works we discuss, and since these classes are international ones, this in itself creates a colourful and exciting atmosphere." More →

Erzsébet Földházi


"Usually they are very interested, open and are keen on discussions. In the classes we touch on the characteristics – in regards to family sociology – of the countries where the students came from, every time." More →

Dóra Győrffy

International and Political Studies

"As I did my studies in international universities, I find it very natural to teach guest students. They bring a novel perspective into the classroom, and I enjoy class discussions with a variety of perspectives a lot." More →

Zoltán Hidas


Zoltán Hidas has been lecturing at PPCU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for 18 years. Besides teaching here, he also works in Germany. More →

Zoltán Kántor

International and Political Studies

He says those deciding to spend a semester abroad are probably the most interested students. He encourages his students to take the opportunity and study in a foreign country, because „the experience of getting to know another country is invaluable”. More →

Tamás Karáth

English and American Studies

„I cannot imagine the making of science and academia in a closed environment, that is, without an international context. There is no branch of science that should be predestined to a homogeneous community. And this is what I represent in my work.” More →

Amarilla Kiss

International and Political Studies

"As for the lectures, I prefer the dialogue and interactive style, so I try to ask a lot and I like when they also ask, so we can discuss. I try to do my best to create an atmosphere where students dare to ask or express their opinion. I think respect and honesty we give to one another are the key." More →

Ildikó Limpár

English and American Studies

"Teaching literature is always teaching context, at the same time, so discussions on literary works may easily generate remarks on and revelations about differences in culture." More →

Péter Lőkös

German Studies / Germanistik

"I try – as far as possible – to draw attention to intercultural aspects, for which the students are always very grateful." More →

"Ich versuche – soweit möglich – auch auf interkulturelle Aspekte aufmerksam zu machen, dafür sind die StudentInnen immer sehr dankbar." Mehr →

Balázs Matuszka


"Erasmus students mostly come from Catholic universities and they are open to the spiritual, moral and cultural aspects of the discussed topics. I always try to incorporate these aspects into my lectures."
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Tamás Nyirkos

International and Political Studies

According to his students his lectures are so interactive they sometimes seem to be seminars. Professor Tamás Nyirkos says that teaching both Hungarian and foreign students from different parts of the world helps him keep intellectually fit.
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Károly Pintér

English and American Studies

"I enjoy teaching international students, especially in seminars, where their different cultural background and experience provides a welcome new perspective in the company of the Hungarian students who make up the majority of the class." More →

Andrea Pócsik


She took part in Erasmus Teachers’ Mobility Program and was a lecturer at the Catholic University of Lisbon. She always tries to involve her students actively in class discussion and cares a lot about their views. More →

András Rácz

International and Political Studies

András Rácz is a regular lecturer at the Baltic Defense College in Estonia and works as an associate professor at PPCU since 2010. According to him, the presence of international students makes the Hungarian ones be more open and flexible. More →

Bianka Speidl

Oriental Studies

„I think cultural recollection and communication is a lived experience for everyone, it is interdisciplinary and practical. I enjoy my Erasmus classes a lot, I feel I learn a lot from my students, it is a real exchange of knowledge and experience.” More →

Balázs Surányi

Theroetical Linguistics

"What I like about [Erasmus students] is that they typically take their coursework very seriously, and they are very open minded." More →

Béla Zsolt Szakács

Art History

„During my lectures, I try to raise topics that are general enough to be discussed by anyone regardless the country they came from. At PPCU I have met inquisitive, enthusiastic students I was glad to work with.” More →

Tamás Szigetvári

International and Political Studies

Tamás Szigetvári is an associate professor at PPCU’s Institute of International Studies and Political Science since 2010. His courses in English include popular lectures such as World Economics and Sustainable development. More →

Kristóf Szuromi


„It is always an opportunity to learn from your students. Getting to know their perspectives and new ideas about a given topic makes its study and the lecture itself more interesting. Moreover, it is a constant language practice.” More →

Maciej Szymanowski

Central European Studies

He's cooperated with PPCU for more than 15 years and worked here as a lecturer for 5 years. His area of research, Central Europe, is a territory of the biggest quantity of languages, cultures and different problems per square kilometre on our planet. More →

Benedek Péter Tóta

English and American Studies

""My conduct and the content of my words in harmony with Christianity, with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and with Péter Pázmány’s intention can suffice." More →

Lóránt Vass


"Giving advice related to the discussed topics, or their own researches, is part of my duties, I believe, so I try to give them a feedback whenever they are asking for it." More →

László Zsinka

International and Political Studies

I feel that the majority of students is pleased to take on a course on civilization history, which gives them the opportunity to understand deeply the historical roots of their own cultural identity. More →