Application and Admission Procedure for fee-paying students

Step 1: Available programmes and qualification requirements

Full time degree programmes for fee-paying students available here.

Tuition fees for the various programmes here.

For most of our programmes, English language competence at level B2 or higher is required. Please note that language requirements might differ for each degree programme!

Applicants from other degree programmes need to verify, if their BA degree complies with the programme requirements of PPCU. They will go through a credit validation and recognition process.

Step 2: Application

Admission is now open for the academic year 2022/2023.

Applications arriving after March 31 will be automatically rejected.

Required documents (BA/MA):

  • application form (to be filled in online, see link below)
  • CV in English (pdf)
  • motivation letter in English (pdf)
    a personalised cover letter; fresh, specific and targeted, not too generic
  • copy of passport (pdf or jpeg)
    page(s) showing the identification number, photo, holder's name, citizenship, date of birth, date of issue, date of expiration and signature
  • diploma/school certificate (BA degree or Secondary School Certificate) (pdf or jpeg)
    original certificate and its English translation
  • transcript of records (for applicants from other degree programmes) (pdf or jpeg)
    original document and its English translation
  • proof of language proficiency (pdf or jpeg)
    (for native English-speaking applicants: language proficiency declaration)

Required documents (PhD) to obtain an acceptance letter (= first round of application):

  • CV in English
  • motivation letter in English
  • research proposal in English 

APPLY NOW for a BA or an MA program

APPLY NOW for a doctoral program

Step 3: Interview and notification about the results

After the evaluation of the application documents (the relevance of applicants' study record, quality of motivation letter, quality of CV), applicants will be informed by e-mail, if they are eligible for the interview. Interviews are arranged only for the most qualified applicants, and will be conducted from the second half of March through April via Skype.

We'll notify applicants of admission details and send out invoice request forms (administration fee) by email before March 31. Do not pay the administration fee (non-refundable) before receiving our invoice!

The tuition fee can only be paid by credit card in the Neptun system (via the "SimplePay" online payment system of OTP Bank).

Letters of Admission for visa applications can only be issued after the tuition fees for the first semester are paid in the Neptun electronic administrative system. We create Neptun accounts following successful entrance exams.

If you have any questions about admissions, please email us at,

Tuition fees for the various programmes

Name of trainingStudy cycleTuition fee/semesterAdministration fee
English and American Studies BA BA 885 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
History BA BA 885 000 Ft 36 000 Ft
Archaeology MA MA 1 125 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
Central European Studies MA MA 1 125 000 Ft 36 000 Ft
English Studies MA MA 1 125 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
History MA MA 1 125 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
International Relations MA MA 1 200 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
Political Science MA MA 1 200 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
Psychology MA MA 1 200 000 Ft 36 000 Ft
Doctoral School of History PhD 975 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 
Doctoral School of Linguistics PhD 975 000 Ft 36 000 Ft 

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