About FISH

Name: CIII-HU-0809-06-1819 FISH (French, Italian, SpanisH) - Romance Languages and Cultures - Strategies of Communication and Culture Transfer in Central Europe

The theme and the activities of the network are unique, because they promote the cultural transfer of European languages which extends beyond the boundaries of Europe. The historical, synchronic analysis and knowledge of Romance languages and their corresponding cultures transmit cultural values which contribute to the strengthening of the European identity. In addition to this, the programme is also a novelty, because it fortifies the Central European identity through the interdisciplinary research and education of multilingualism, since the three Romance languages has greatly influenced the cultures of the region. In the age of the dominance of the English language, the relationships between ‘smaller’ languages raise important questions in the field of theoretical linguistics, culture and education. The aim of the forming CEEPUS network is to shed light on the direct links between the Mediterranean/Romance and Central European regions.