Excellence Programme

IRUN offers an international excellence programme for its talented and highly-motivated students who wish to broaden their knowledge within the context of an international student group.
During the programme you will work with students from various academic disciplines in an international setting. Analysing complex issues will give you insight into the value of other disciplinary and national perspectives.

Within this programme students work together in so-called think tanks. A think tank is formed by aprox. 5 students from Radboud University Nijmegen and 5 students from Pázmány Péter Catholic Univeristy.
For one academic year the think tank will do research on a complex topical issues in society, politics or culture. Also an external client will be involved. Students communicate with their think tank colleagues abroad by using digital media. Also there will be two working weeks scheduled where the think tank works together on the project, once in Nijmegen and once in Budapest.

In the first phase of the programme everybody will write a personal paper on a topic related to the own scientific background and the general research question. In the second phase you will use these papers and perhaps additional sources for writing one final report. This report will be offered to the client.

This year's research subject:

The Rights of Refugees

Our previous research subjects:

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