We Welcome Our New Arrivals February 27, 2017

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at PPCU plays a very active role in the international education scene. Building new relationships and maintaining existing relationships with numerous excellent foreign institutions is one of our priorities.

The Faculty is very proud to become the new "home" of international students semester by semester. This time we kindly welcome 67 foreign students from 16 different countries. As the first week has already come to an end for our new students, they have started to discover the city and have learned their first Hungarian words to get by in the country.

The Faculty offers many services to help exchange students not only with their first steps but throughout the duration of their stay. The International Office is helpful not only with administration but also with organising many events. Due to our mentoring program, 17 local student volunteers assist exchange students using their expertise to settle in. For students in need we also offer our Life Management Counselling.

Learning abroad is not just a great challenge but also an extremely beneficial experience. Academic development is only one part of the experience. Making lifelong friends abroad, adopting a new culture and habits, improving language skills, travelling and finding new interests are all part of this amazing journey.

We wish our new arrivals a very pleasant stay and a remarkable new experience over the next couple of months!