GPRT 2013 2013. április 20.

GPRT 2013 was held in Budapest on Saturday 20 April. As it is customary, it was a one-day event, with a welcome dinner on the Friday (in Fanyűvő Restaurant) and a farewell dinner (in Stex Ház Restaurant) on the Sat.

The venue

The venue is the Budapest building of our university (, in the centre of the city, 1 Mikszáth tér ("Sophianum", Floor 1, Room 109), close to the National Museum and the (new) campus of ELTE (and just a few steps away from KRE, for that matter), with excellent facilities nearby and all the public transport one can ask for (incl. metro line 3 ("Kálvin tér"), metro line 2 ("Astoria" or "Blaha Lujza tér") and tram no. 4-6 ("Harminckettesek tere")):

Participants and programme

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Session 1: 10.00--12.00

Session 2: 13.30--14.50

Session 3: 15.00--16.20 (17.00)

: the local phonology team at the English Dept. of PPCU/PPKE (Katalin Balogné Bérces [main organiser/contact], András CserLászló Kristó)