GPRT 2017 2017. november 18.

was held in Budapest again, on Sat 18 November 2017.

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[As it is customary, it will be a one-day event, with a welcome dinner on the Friday and a farewell dinner on the Sat. There is no registration fee (i.e., no fancy promo pens will be given away in the registration package so you'd better bring your own ;) ), and you'll have to pay your own bill at the welcome dinner. However, during the day there will be coffee and snacks, and a cold sandwich lunch provided. At the end of the day, all participants will be invited to a three-course farewell dinner. Each speaker will be given an official certificate of participation (if you do not present but need one, let us know).]

Registration and abstract submission

[Abstract submission was closed on 30 September 2017. We are still accepting audience-only registrations here (we need you to register for reasons of catering).

In the form, you are asked to indicate if you plan to present (in which case you are asked to add a title and a brief, max. 1-page abstract) or to attend as audience only (in which case we need you to register for reasons of catering). As is traditional, talks will be assigned on a "first come first served" basis (based on the receipt of the full abstract). Abstract submission is possible either directly in the form, or in email (to]

Abstracts folder  -  Slides and handouts

Friday 17 Nov, from 6pm: welcome dinner at Darshan Restaurant (Budapest 1088, Krúdy Gyula u. 7, along the blue arrow on the map below - googlemap - menu)
Saturday 18 Nov: GPRT  --  Sophianum Floor 2 Room 203
8.00- "registration" :-)
8.30-9.00 Péter Szigetvári (ELTE): Lenisizing English (abstract)
9.00-9.30 Jonathan Kaye & Markus Pöchtrager (Vienna): VOT do you mean? Pulp fiction (abstract) (slides)
coffee break
9.45-10.15 Sašo Živanović (Ljubljana): Branching onsets 2.0 (abstract) (slides) (extended handout)
10.15-10.45 Krisztina Polgárdi (RIL HAS): Magic licensing? Another look at sC-clusters (abstract) (handout)
10.45-11.15 Diana Passino (Université Côte d'Azur & CNRS): Some reflections on the syllabification of clusters (abstract) (handout)
coffee break
11.30-12.00 Xiaoxi Liu (Essex): A multi-layered approach to depressor effects (abstract) (slides)
12.00-12.30 Mohamed Lahrouchi (CNRS & Université Paris 8): The phonology of rhotics and stops in Tarifit Berber (abstract) (slides)
lunch: cold sandwich lunch served on the meeting venue
13.00-13.30 Michela Russo (University of Lyon & UMR 7023 CNRS Paris 8): Stress shift, stressed enclitics and Raddoppiamento Sintattico in Southern Italian dialects (abstract) (handout)
13.30-14.00 Quentin DabouisNicola Lampitelli (LLL / Université de Tours & CNRS) & Guillaume Enguehard (LLL / Orléans): The English "Arab rule": Analysis and theoretical implications (abstract) (slides)
14.00-14.30 Noam Faust (CNRS & Université Paris 8) & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (UCL): "Shorten or we'll clash!" said one long vowel to the other in Palestinian Arabic (abstract) (handout)
coffee break
14.45-15.15 Kuniya Nasukawa (Tohoku Gakuin University): Recursive Merge and elements (abstract) (slides)
15.15-15.45 Edoardo Cavirani & Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens Institute): A theory of the theory of vowels (abstract) (slides)
15.45-16.15 Tobias Scheer (Université Côte d'Azur & CNRS): Two ways of being minimalist(ic) (abstract) (slides)
coffee break
16.30-17.00 Guillaume Enguehard & Xiaoliang Luo (Orléans): Strength is length (abstract) (slides)
17.00-17.30 Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (UCL): Not all strength is length (abstract) (slides)
from 6pm: farewell dinner at Loyola Restaurant (Budapest 1085, Horánszky utca 20) - googlemap

The venue

The venue is the Budapest building of our university (, in the centre of the city, 1 Mikszáth tér ("Sophianum"), close to the National Museum and the (new) campus of ELTE University (and just a few steps away from KRE University, for that matter), with excellent facilities nearby and all the public transport one can ask for (incl. metro lines 3 and 4 ("Kálvin tér"), metro line 2 ("Astoria" or "Blaha Lujza tér") and tram no. 4-6 ("Harminckettesek tere")): (in Hungarian, but with nice photos and a video even ;) )

Instructions in English: (our venue is "Budapest, Sophianum")

Both dinner venues are in the close vicinity of Sophianum.

Please note that besides the "good old" taxi or bus+metro (with a transfer ticket for HUF530) routes, now there is also direct bus service between the centre of Budapest and the airport (line no. 100E, timetables downloadable here, for HUF900, tickets are available from ticket machines, or from the driver but you should have the exact amount ready). In late evenings (after 20:30) and at weekends metro line 3, connecting the city centre and the airport, is now closed for reconstruction works and is replaced by buses (more info). Tickets and passes. Budapest public transport maps. Journey planner.

Accom tips

Click here. Should you need help with location, public transport, getting to/from the airport/railway station, getting around in Budapest, etc., let us know.

Organisers: Katalin Balogné Bérces (main contact, on behalf of the local phonology team at the Theoretical Linguistics Dept. of PPCU/PPKE) and Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (UCL). Special thanks to Péter Szigetvári (ELTE University) for his help with the gprt googlegroup, and to Katalin Mády (RIL HAS) for organising a satellite talk.

Funded by KAP17-61022-1.9-BTK.