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EDS is a great place to start your topical research. It provides search interface for accessing over tens of thousands of subscribed and open access full-text journals and other documents. Using the Discovery Service does not preclude patrons from searching and using indexed resources directly. Please take in consideration that not every service to which the library subscribes is included in knowledge base of EDS. Check the sources included in your search query using facets of EDS interface.

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Our University Library offers a wide range of research tools and academic text sources. Library collects sources from all disciplines taught at the Faculty and necessary material for research programs conducting by the academic staff. In reading rooms you can study reference works, print books, print journals and other materials. Registered users may borrow books and they have access to the most important licenced databases and full text online sources as well.

Locations and collections


Bibliotheca building at Piliscsaba campus is the faculty's central library.

Thematics: Hungarian Literature and Linguistics, Aesthetics; Sociology, Communication, Pedagogy, Psychology;Philosophy, Theology, Classical Philology, History of Art, Archaeology, History. Specila collections, Journals.

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages and cultures.

Contact information of the central reference service:

Reception: (26) 577-000 / 2800; 2801

Budapest, Sophianum

In Budapest, Mikszáth tér 1. location there are separate department print collections that can be partly used by students. Co-workers of each institute will help to get more information on the opportunities regarding subject collections as following:

  • Chinese Department
  • Institute of International Studies and Political Science
  • Institute of Sociology
  • Institute of Psychology, Institute for Archeology.

Restricted electronic content is accessible via WiFi – Eduroam connection.

Budapest, Z building

You can access restricted electronic content via WiFi – Eduroam connection.

Esztergom (Iohanneum)

You can find here a large reading room and a special collection that covers mainly fields of pedagogy, teaching methodology and special books for  archeology studies.

Online databases are available through authenticated internet connections and WiFi.

Opening hours

Library opening hours can be checked on the Library website. All library users must check coats, lager bags and laptop cases in the lockers. Electronic workstations are reserved for scholarly research purposes only and are not for recreational or personal use. Library users must check all outside coats and outerwear.

Obtaining a Library card

If you are currently affiliated with Pázmány Péter Catholic University you can use all  services of the Library free of charge. To obtain a Library card, you need to fill in the application form available at the reception. Library users must present a membership card in order to access the collection and to borrow materials.


Part of the Library materials can be checked out by taking selected items to the circulation desk at the reception near to the main entrance of the Bibliotheca. Librarians manage circulation by system HunTéka - Qulto. Transactions are recorded in this system. You can easily check your own data on the borrowed items and due dates on your personal profile. To access your own profile, you need to log in with your personal  credentials. Renewal button can serve for extending the duration of the borrowed items by the user him/herself. Recall request may be placed directly from the Library catalog.

Loan period is usually seven working days. Items can be renewed usually five times. A registered student visitor may borrow five items at the same time. Fines are charged for the late return of Library materials. Payment must be settled through the Neptun-system. Please, take care about the prompt returning of the books before the loan period is ended or before you leave our Faculty.

Licenced databases

On-campus / IP-based access

Restricted online databases and other full text resources can be accessed via Internet  throughout all locations of the Faculty.

How to get online in order to access IP-based services?

  • You can make connection using internet cable and docking points in halls or you are welcome in our reading rooms where you can find library-owned internet computers;
  • WiFi – connect your laptop, tablet or other device to the free wireless service (Piliscsaba campus);
  • Eduroam – PPCU is part of the international roaming service Eduroam. Students from other universities that have Eduroam can log in actually on the PPCU location. PPCU students can also connect at other Universities that provide the Eduroam service using their PPCU credentials.

Off-campus direct access (with Shibboleth/eduID credentials)

On some publisher platforms you can access licensed content directly from the publisher by using your PPCU institutional account.   

EduRoam user name and pw (eduId) is the same for Shibboleth log-in.
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