Meet Your Teachers

Teachers are one of the most important factors in guaranteeing success for our students. We are committed to providing you with the best qualified and the most experienced teaching professionals.

They don't just teach, but actively ensure that they teach in the best way possible. You will be learning from leading experts in their fields.

Read below to meet your teachers for the autumn semester 2018/2019.

The page is updated frequently, so be sure to check back regularly.

Botond Feledy

„I usually focus on issues which are actually shaping the future of the students. If they do not fail to recognize this, then their interest is naturally born, which in turn drives us to great discussions and a high level of engagement.”

Zoltán Hidas

Zoltán Hidas has been lecturing at PPCU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for 18 years. Besides teaching here, he also works in Germany.

Tamás Nyirkos

According to his students his lectures are so interactive they sometimes seem to be seminars. Professor Tamás Nyirkos says that teaching both Hungarian and foreign students from different parts of the world helps him keep intellectually fit.

Andrea Pócsik

She took part in Erasmus Teachers’ Mobility Program and was a lecturer at the Catholic University of Lisbon. She always tries to involve her students actively in class discussion and cares a lot about their views.

András Rácz

András Rácz is a regular lecturer at the Baltic Defense College in Estonia and works as an associate professor at PPCU since 2010. According to him, the presence of international students makes the Hungarian ones be more open and flexible.

Bianka Speidl

„I think cultural recollection and communication is a lived experience for everyone, it is interdisciplinary and practical. I enjoy my Erasmus classes a lot, I feel I learn a lot from my students, it is a real exchange of knowledge and experience.”

Tamás Szigetvári

Tamás Szigetvári is an associate professor at PPCU’s Institute of International Studies and Political Science since 2010. His courses in English include popular lectures such as World Economics and Sustainable development.