Doctoral School of History (Archaeology)

Institute/Department: Doctoral School of History
Level of education:
Philosophiae doctor, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
Type of training:
- full-time training
- part-time training
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Study area:
Arts and Humanities
Duration of programme:
8 semesters, 240 credits
Location of the programme:
Hungary, Budapest, Sophianum (H-1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán square 1.)

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The aim of the programme:

The English language archaeological programme has an internationally trained and renowned group of professors, who are fully involved not only in archaeological reasearch of various European countries, but also run a number of research projects in the Near East  and thus are welcoming students with a broad spectre of subjects to supervise. The obligatory lectures in the archaeological material of various civilisations are supplemented with training in the use of the most recent documentation and research technologies of the GIS and Non-Invasive Archaeological Laboratory of the Institute. Supported by the unique technical capacities of the laboratory, students can lay a special emphasis in their research subject on the technological field too.

The director of the doctoral school is Prof. Sándor Őze.