Doctoral School of Linguistics

Institute/Department: Doctoral School of Linguistics
Level of education: Philosophiae doctor, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
Type of training:
- full-time training
- part-time training
Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Study area: Arts and Humanities
Duration of programme: 8 semesters, 240 credits
Location of the programme: Sophianum, Budapest, Hungary (1 Mikszath Kalman Square, Budapest, Hungary, H-1088)

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The Doctoral School of Linguistics offers an English language program in Applied Linguistics.

This program consists of three main components:
1.         courses
2.         weekly consultations with a supervisor
3.         supervised research, leading to the writing of a PhD dissertation

1.         Obligatory and elective courses include the following:
Applied linguistics, Language pedagogy, Language testing and assessment, First language acquisition, Second language acquisition, Language technology, Corpus linguistics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Academic English, Research methodology, Statistics, etc.
Courses are taken during the first two years of the training, which period is concluded by a complex examination.
2.         Consultations with the supervisor take place from the first to the fourth year of the program.
3.         Additional credits must be earned through research activities: conference presentations and research publications.

- Hungarian state scholarships (including a tuition waiver) are available in this program on the same general conditions as in Hungarian language PhD programs.
- Applications are also invited in the frame of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program.

For enquiries, please contact the coordinator of the program, Dr. Andrea Remenyi at