Department of German Studies

The Department of German Studies is a founding member of the Faculty of Humanities. The department currently offers BA and MA degree courses in literature, cultural studies and in linguistics, as well as a course for teaching profession and a PhD program. Our BA correspondence course has also been very popular throughout the past few years, and we are planning to launch a distance learning MA module soon. The main focus at our department are language skill development, linguistics, and literary and cultural studies. The traditional disciplines of German Studies (such as the history of literature from early medieval ages to contemporary authors, the system of descriptive linguistics in all its aspects from phonology to morphology and to syntax) play a substantial role at all grades of our study programs. Among other modules, the basic BA course includes a 50 CP special learning module that provides insight into the theory and practice of translation.

The MA course is divided into two main orientations. Students have the opportunity to specialize either in the field of Linguistics or of Literature, and they are introduced to state of the art approaches and aspects of their respective disciplines. The learning module for Linguistic Studies includes studies in psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics while the Literature module acquaints students with current methods of cultural and media studies.

All crucial aspects of the BA and MA courses described above are also covered by the course for teaching profession.

The main aim of the learning programs run by the department is to transmit comprehensive and well-founded knowledge and understanding of German-speaking literature and culture.


Péter Lőkös



Klára Berzeviczy
Zsuzsa Bognár
Ulrike Haidacher
Henriett Lindner
Bernadett Modrián-Horváth
Péter Lőkös
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Éva Varga


Tamás Harmat
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