MA Programme

The English Studies MA programme

Last update: 05/02/2021

  1. Overview
  2. Entry requirements
  3. Programme structure
  4. Careers and professional development
  5. Fees and funding
  6. Start date
  7. Duration
  8. Language
  9. Admission information

1.      Overview

    1. The Pázmány English Studies MA programme is a four-semester small-group course in the heart of our artistically and culturally vibrant capital, Budapest, conducted entirely in English.
    2. The programme is built to deepen your knowledge in literary and cultural studies, help you find and study what you love, develop your ability to research and process a large amount of information quickly, and put your thoughts in colloquial, informative and academic writing, enter into current discourses about socio-cultural phenomena, literary topics, a wide range of elements of visual culture.
    3. The programme runs with small groups (maximum number of students: 10) which provides extra efficiency for both personal and academic development and makes even lectures interactive. Our small groups offer a vibrant international environment as many of our students come from outside Hungary and often outside Europe.
    4. Giving occasions for intercultural friendships, the common group projects enhance professional cooperation skills.
    5. The practical and theoretical courses related to academic communications and individual research will enable you to enter the world of academia.


2.      Entry requirements

  1. BA degree in English Studies or in any field of the Humanities (with appropriate advanced level language qualifications conforming to C1 level).
  2. In case you have a BA in an Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences subject English (other than English) you will need to complete an extra 38 credits during the programme.
  3. The oral entrance exam takes place in person or online. You will be asked about your motivation, your previous studies and your research interests.


3.      Programme structure

    1. The 4-semester, 120-credit programme is comprised of 8 foundation courses (altogether 40 credits), 10 courses from the specialization you choose (altogether 50 credits), any MA level courses of 10 credits of entirely your choice (either picking one from the other specialization or at any other institute in or outside PPCU). Thesis preparation finishes off your studies with the last 20 credits.
    2. The foundation courses cover such topics as literary theory, academic communication, literature and visuality, literature and society/popular culture, and use group and individual projects as methods besides lectures/frontal teaching.
    3. You can choose from two specializations or ‘pods’ of study: English Literature or Literatures and Cultures in English Speaking Countries. The latter is engaged with English-language literature from territories other than England, including Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Beside historical and theoretical approaches to literature, students on both specializations will have a course on Digitalization and Literature, which will introduce you to online database building and visualization.  
    4. Table of courses and credits
    5. More about the Writing of the Thesis
    6. More about the Final examination


4.      Careers and professional development

  1. An MA degree from the Institute of English and American Studies at Pázmány Péter Catholic University shows potential employers that you are an intelligent, creative and hard-working individual who is competent, well-read and flexible enough to undertake any form of specified career training, that you can conduct individual research, present your findings and opinion in an articulate way in a range of platforms and genres in English.
  2. The Pázmány English Studies MA diploma means that you are knowledgeable about the basic principles, tendencies and research fields of modern literary studies, that you have acquired practical, theoretical and research skills, and you are able to use the English language on a high level.
  3. It is proof that you are closely familiar with the social and political structure, civilization, culture, literature of English-speaking countries, you can pursue a multi/interdisciplinary career in the fields of business and telecommunications, diplomacy, digital and creative industries, media and publishing, international and cultural relations and tourist industry.
  4. The Pázmány English Studies MA course prepares you for theoretical and future doctoral studies, and/or a career in academia.


5.      Start date: September, February


6.      Duration: 4 semesters


7.      Language:

  • Language of instruction: English


8.      Admission information:


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