The Renaissance Research Centre

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The Renaissance Research Centre (formerly: Renaissance Research Group) was founded in 1999 under the leadership of Professor Tibor Fabiny. Since 2006 it has been led by Professor Benedek Tóta Péter. Its senior secretary is dr. Zsolt Almási. Its members are: dr. Kinga Földváry, dr. Károly Pintér, dr. Gabriella Reuss, dr. Veronika Schandl, Erzsébet Stróbl and Katalin Palkóné Tabi. The Research Group was started with the aim to coordinate the studies of those faculty members who work on Early Modern English Literature. The group is currently working on three projects, all of which have already bore fruit in the form of publications. One is entitled Francis Bacon: Text and Context, the second is on early modern religious debates, while the third focuses on Shakespeare productions in Socialist Hungary. The Research Group meets regularly, usually twice in a month to discuss the projects, read and analyse each other's work and keep one another informed about the results.

Members of the Research Group are founding members of the online periodical e-Colloquia 16th Century English Culture (Pázmány University Electronic Press – Budapest: ISSN 1785-6515), which is edited in collaboration by dr. Zsolt Almási and Professor Michael Pincombe from the University of Newcastle. The Research Group hosted several conferences in the past, e.g. the Tudor Symposium in 2006, or the two consecutive HUSSDE (The Hungarian Society for the Study of Drama in English) Conferences in 2004 and 2006. Professor Benedek Tóta Péter has been working together with the More Research Centre in Angers, first and foremost with Professor Germain Marc'hadour, the researchers of the Tyndale Project at the Catholic University of America as well as with the Centre for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas. Professor Tóta is also a member of the Scientific Committee of Moreana, the journal on Sir Thomas More. The research group has continuous work relationships with the University of Newcastle, the University of Worcester and the University of Notre Dame.