Gabriella Reuss

Gabriella Reuss PhD is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of English and American Studies, Department of English Literatures and Cultures (MA: Literature and English, University of Szeged, 1995; PhD: English Renaissance and Baroque Doctoral Programme, Eötvös Loránd University, 2004). Her dissertation focused on the 1834 promptbook by W. C. Macready, witness of the actor's first and unique restoration of Shakespeare's tragic King Lear, which she found to exist in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Her publications are predominantly engaged with Shakespeare and Shakespearean adaptation in the theatre and Macready's changing the paradigm of 19th century acting. In 1997-98 a 9-month Soros/FCO/Chevening scholarship enabled her to conduct research at the University of Oxford, later a one-month Soros-grant (Oxford, 2000), the Anthony Denning Award from the Society for Theatre Research (London, 2002) and the one-month Summer Grant from the Nanovic Institute, University of Notre Dame (IN) supported her work. Her monograph, Shakespeare Londonban és Pest Budán. Színházi előadások emlékezete (Budapest: L'Harmattan, 2017, ISBN: 9789634142690) explores the ways 18th and 19th century printed acting copies shaped Shakespeare's reception and theatrical memory.

She spent the years between 2002 and 2008 on maternity leave with her three children.

Since her return she has been active in organizing and participating in conferences in Hungary and abroad. She taught stage history and adaptation theory within the framework of the Erasmus Staff Mobility Program at the Catholic University of Ružomberok, Slovakia and at the Faculty of Creative Industries, University of South Wales, Cardiff. In order to motivate talented students to produce enjoyable and thought-provoking writings she founded the Ruttkay Essay Contest (2009) which she organizes annually. Since its foundation in 2014 she has been co-editing EDZine, the English language student blog within the Talent Programme of the IEAS. She is a member of the Renaissance Research Group at PPCU IEAS, the Hungarian Shakespeare Society, the European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA) and the British Shakespeare Association (BSA).

Presently she is working on her habilitation.


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