PhaseDescription of the phase
02/10/2019–01/02/2020 Phase 1 Preparation and planning phase with a Kick-off conference hosted by PPCU
01/02/2020–03/06/2020 Phase 2 Individual research on the chosen topic
03/06/2020–01/11/2020 Phase 3 Initial presentation of the research results and discussion of them at the workshop in Bratislava
01/09/2020–01/03/2021 Phase 4 Finalizing the special issue of Theatralia and presenting the results at the international symposium
01/03/2021–31/03/2021 Phase 5 Concluding, evaluating the project and writing the report


Kick-off Conference, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary - Programme | Report
At the kick-off conference participants will develop a detailed work plan and a schedule broken down to monthly individual tasks in a Gantt chart. Each participant must identify any risk related to their institution; and in an individual report assess these according to severity, impact and probability as high/medium/low.

Workshop, Bratislava, SK – Programme | Report
In this workshop we are going to share the results of the research so far with the participants in the project. Furthermore, this workshop will be part of the International Festival of Theatre Schools in Bratislava, thus we will address an international community of student actors, one of the main target groups of the project so as to raise the awareness of the regional and local cultural context of their future work as theatre practitioners. The event will enjoy wide coverage by the local media.
The Bratislava workshop coordinated by the Slovakian project partner provides an opportunity for all participants to present the first results of their individual research. While presentations will be given only by project members, with each researcher responsible for sharing their own findings, we are also planning to invite young theatre professionals to the discussions, whose feedback can be included in the continuation of the project. The most important function of this event is to fine-tune the common elements among the various national and individual investigations, and strengthen the cohesive ties of the project as a whole.

International SYMPOSIUM, Budapest, HU – Programme | Registration
The final result of the research will be disseminated among participants in the Symposium and a heterogeneous audience including theatre students, philology students, scholars from the field of arts and humanities and journalists.
The international symposium, organised by PPCU, will be the event where the findings of the project can be presented by all participants, organised in sessions to highlight the common frameworks and themes explored during the previous phases. Apart from the project members, who are required to attend, we are also planning to invite further scholars from Hungary and abroad, to start the dissemination of our findings among a broader international academic audience. They will also be invited to offer feedback on the work before the finalisation of the work to be published in the journal Theatralia. We are also planning to coordinate the event with young theatre practitioners, to invite criticism and feedback from the non-academic theatrical profession.

Special Issue of Theatralia (Product)
The final results of the research project will be published as a special issue in Theatralia. This way the results of the project will reach an international audience ranging from theatre specialists to researchers, including the wider public interested in the field. Each participant is responsible for their own contribution and observing deadlines, and the editor-in-chief of the journal, Dr. Šárka Havlíčková Kysová will assist in the editorial and organisational work preceding the publication, and in assigning editorial tasks to the journal's native language editors or other professionals, as required. Each participant will be involved in formal and informal dissemination after the publication.