Public lectures:

Prof. Harutyun Marutyan: „The Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum in Post-Centenary Period” , 27 February 2020, PPCU.

Dr. Harutyun Marutyan: “Remembering Genocide, Migration and Expulsion in Post-Soviet Armenia” , 3 May 2017, PPCU

Dr. Edgar Hovannisyan, Dr. Khachatur Stepanyan, Dr. Samvel Poghosyan: Transcaucasus in the 19th to 20th Century: Empires, Politics and People” , 22 March 2017, PPCU  More info →

Prof. Ronald Suny: "Affective Communities: Contradictions of National and Soviet Identities, 1917-1991" , 1 December 2016, ELTE (co-organised with PPCU)

David Leupold: Politics of Memory – Narrating, Silencing, Performing and Mapping 1915" , 11 October 2016, PPCU

Narekatsi lectures


Armenian researches, conferences, exhibitions before the Department


  • Treasures of Armenia – Secrets of the Ararat – 2002For half year in 2002 the exhibition of “Treasures of Armenia – Secrets  of Ararat” was presented in the Cultural Center of Károlyi Palace. The collection of the exhibition was from BC. 4th century until the AD. 19th century. The exhibited objects mainly came from the archaeological and ethnological collection of the National Historical Museum of Armenia.
  • Far Away from Mount Ararat – Armenian Culture in the Carpathian Basin – 2013In 2013 the exhibition of “Far Away from Mount Ararat – Armenian Culture in the Carpathian Basin” was presented in the Historical Museum of Budapest with the cooperation of  National Széchényi Library. The exhibition was opened in order to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first printed Armenian book. Furthermore not only the Armenian written culture was exhibited, but also the historical treasures, and pieces of the church art of Transylvanian Armenians appeared. Several other significant art pieces connected with Armenian Culture were presented.
    The curators of the exhibition were Bálint Kovács and Emese Pál
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  • The Tragedy of the Armenian People – The Armenian Genocide happened one Hundred Years Ago – 2015In 2015 the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was commemorated. The exhibition named “The Tragedy of Armenian People – The Armenian Genocide Happened One Hundred Years Ago” was opened with the cooperation of the National Széchényi Library and the Armenian National Library. The exhibition presented the detailed background and causes of the genocide, as well as emphasized the role of the genocide in the increase of the diaspora communities. After all it explained the formation of the First Republic of Armenia.
    Several reports and documents remained about the everyday life of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, and also about the tragedy, preserved in the memories of the ambassador of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Constantinople during that time. Objects from Armenian refugees connected with both their everyday and religious life were presented at the exhibition.
    The curators of the exhibition were Bálint Kovács and Sándor Őze
    The exhibition was coordinated by Nikolett Czézár
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  • Unity and Variety. The Armenian Bible and Religious Tradition
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