Chinese Studies BA

East Asian Languages and Culture BA – Chinese Studies

Why Chinese?

Today China is the second biggest economy in the world, but according to forecasts, it is going to be the largest one by 2025 or even earlier. The country's political and diplomatic weight is also on the rise, not to mention its huge financial potentials. Chinese language is the mother tongue for every fifth people in the world and it is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Chinese is the most ancient culture that has existed continuously. During the past 4000 years, it has enriched humanity with incredible treasures. In the whole world – including Hungary – there is a palpably increasing demand for experts who are familiar with Chinese culture and can speak the language well. Therefore the knowledge of Chinese language can mean a huge advantage, both in the public and the private sectors. Hungarian–Chinese relations are progressing rapidly. Outside the EU, China is the largest trading partner of Hungary. Most multinational companies are present in China, and they are in need of experts who are familiar with Chinese culture and can speak the language well.

Why should you choose PPCU?

First of all, students mainly choose Chinese Studies at our university due to its high quality. Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU) is an official Hungarian 'University of Excellence'. The teachers of the Chinese Department are either native Chinese speakers or were trained in China, and they are all recognized researchers in their fields. We put great emphasis on small-group language learning and providing students with great scholarship opportunities. Secondly, PPCU has always been famous for its lively social life, since students can take part in a variety of activities. The Department of Chinese Studies regularly organizes roundtable discussions, guest lectures, film screenings, conferences and many other informal programs as well. Thirdly, the Department is situated at an easily accessible site, in the heart of Budapest at Mikszáth Kálmán Square where there are many cultural institutions, universities and clubs within reach. Fourth, since the Department of Chinese Studies forms part of the Institute of International Studies and Political Science, students have the possibility of studying 'International Studies' as their academic minor. This way they can participate in the international events and combine their Chinese and international studies.

What are we teaching?

One of the main objectives of the training is that after three years, students will have a good command of the Chinese language. Thanks to the strong language training, students can reach the intermediate level of the language – both in terms of speaking and writing – within three years, even if they haven't learned Chinese before. Once finishing university, they will be competent Chinese-speakers in the labour market. Moreover, they will possess all the necessary knowledge about Chinese culture, history of ideas, politics, economy, history and society that are indispensable in understanding today's China. After graduation from the Chinese Studies BA, several MA studies are open for the students.