The Department of Chinese Studies was established in 2012 as part of the Institute of International Studies and Political Science at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. It is the second university department that specializes in Chinese studies in Hungary. The research activity of the Department centers around the scientific work of the teachers, who take part in several different scientific projects, publish articles regularly and participate in conferences.

The main areas of research at the Department of Chinese Studies:

Contemporary Chinese politics and society: China, transformed by the rapid economic growth; China, the Far Eastern superpower; the international, political, economic and social trends of China.

Traditional Chinese culture: ancient Chinese civilization as the founding ground for today's thinking and trends in the country; the history of Chinese literature and philosophy; institutions and culture in the ancient China; Chinese culture in Hungary.

Teaching of Chinese as a foreign language: the acquisition of Chinese as a foreign language; the characteristics of the strategies and the styles of Hungarian language learners; the methods of teaching Chinese; Chinese language exams and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages



The Modern East-Asia Research Group was established in 2014 as an integral part of the Institute of International Studies and Political Science. All teachers of the Chinese Department are members of the Research Group. It is the only institutional unit currently in Hungary, which focuses on the security policy and other political, economic and social issues of East- and Southeast Asia. With its regular events and publications, the aim of the Department and the Research Group is to give a better picture about the world's most populous and fastest-growing region.

Workshops: Once a month, we organize a forum with the participation of other researchers. In these workshops we analyze and debate about a current question of the region.

Conferences: We organize national and international conferences in a variety of topics concerning the modern East- and Southeast Asian region.

Working papers: The members of the Research Group publish regularly different studies and papers about the political, economic and social issues of the region. These working papers are available on our website.

Guest lecturers: Hungarian and international guest lecturers give presentations at our university about the political, economic and social issues of the Southeast Asian region.



Pázmány Peter Catholic University is the only Hungarian university, which forms part of IRUN (International Research Universities Network). At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, several scientific researches are taking place concerning humanities, social sciences and pedagogy. The university thinks it essential that many students take an active part in the projects, since youth education is one of the main goals of MA and PHD courses. The results of the researches appear in the teaching work, which means that students get an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge.