The goals of the Department of Chinese Studies include providing students with a high level of Chinese language skills and opportunities where they can gain international experience in the field of Chinese studies. Pázmány Peter Catholic University is committed to encourage its students to spend some time in Chinese-speaking territories and at least one semester in a European country during their university studies. Therefore the Department constantly monitors scholarship opportunities and informs students about these.

Currently, students can apply to the following scholarships:

HSB scholarship: This scholarship is provided by the Hungarian state and is managed by the Hungarian Scholarship Board. The scholarship-holder can spend an academic year at a chosen Chinese university. All costs are covered by the scholarship.

Confucius Scholarship: This scholarship is managed by Hanban (Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). Students can apply for this at our partner institution, ELTE Confucius Institute. Students can apply for different periods: for a semester, for an academic year or for a complete two-year long MA program.

Scholarships of Chinese provinces: According to a 2013 intergovernmental agreement, certain Chinese provinces offer scholarships for Hungarian students for different periods of time.

EU Window Scholarship: According to an agreement between the European Union and China, each year 160 students from the European Union can have the chance to study in China. Students can apply to this scholarship via China's EU Embassy at Brussels.

Chinese Government Scholarship: The Chinese Scholarship Council manages this state-funded scholarship. Students can apply to part-time or full-time programs.

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship: This scholarship grants a great language learning opportunity in Taiwan for a 3 to 12 month-long period. Students can apply at the Taipei Representative Office in Budapest.

Taiwan Scholarship: The scholarship-holder can spend 2 to 4 years in Taiwan for a complete BA, MA of PHD program. Students can apply at the Taipei Representative Office in Budapest.

University scholarships: Chinese universities grant scholarships for their outstanding students, which means that someone who is already studying at a Chinese university with a scholarship can apply for continuing his or her studies there.

Erasmus: Our Department of Chinese Studies is building a network with other European universities with well-known Chinese studies programs. We have signed a Student and Staff Mobility Agreement with the University of Lodz, Poland (2015-2021).

China is dedicated to be more open to the outside world; therefore it is receiving more and more international students every year. In 2013, the number of international students studying in China was 365 thousand. According to experts, this number can rise to 500 thousand until 2020. The number of scholarships is rising as well. Many private firms and organizations are offering excellent scholarship opportunities for university students.