Public Governance BA


Economics education at PPCU

Economics education has over a decade-long history at PPCU. An Institute of Economics named after the great Hungarian catholic economist, Farkas Heller, has been operating within the Faculty of Law and Public Administration from its onset and serves the needs of legal education. The Institute has its own periodical, Heller Farkas Füzetek, where well-known economists publish regularly. At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences courses on economics have long been offered in the various social science programs.


The leader of the program is István Kőrösi, who has a broad range of publications on international economics and public policy questions. Under his direction the courses are taught partly by faculty whose research focuses on various aspects of public policy such as Dóra Győrffy, Tamás Szigetvári or Klára Katona, and partly by practitioners such as Pál Csapodi, secretary general of the State Audit Agency or László Rieger, head of Agrarian Marketing Centrum. We also have internationally recognized scholars as guest professors – such as Zsuzsa Bekker, Katalin Botos, László Csaba or Béla Kádár.

About the program

The aim of the program is to provide an interdisciplinary training for future public administrators, preparing them for working in the public sector or non-profit organizations in Hungary or abroad. During their studies students learn public sector economics, public finance as well as the management methods of various public services. They also learn about the functioning of the European Union, its major policies and the process of decision-making. After concluding the program their practical and theoretical knowledge makes them capable to solve and analyze issues in public policy and state administration.

Structure of the program

Courses are offered in the areas of methodology, economics, social sciences, public management, law and public administration, public finance, public policy and European studies.

Who should apply?

We look forward to the applications of those who are interested in an interdisciplinary economics-social science education or want to continue as MA students in public policy.

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