Modern East Asia Research Group

The Modern East Asia Research Group was established in 2014 as an integral part of the Institute of International Studies and Political Science. It is the only institutional unit currently in Hungary, which focuses on the security policy and other political, economic and social issues of East and Southeast Asia. With its regular events and publications, the aim of the Chinese Department and the Research Group is to give a better picture about the world's most populous and fastest-growing region.

Mission Statement

The PPCU Modern East Asia Research Group has been created to be one of the centers of East and Southeast Asian study in Hungary. The Research Group focuses on the political, economic, social and security developments of the world’s fastest growing region.

The aim of the Research Group is to create a forum where those interested in Asia can exchange their views and where scientific results can be shared. Another goal is to provide background information about the region that can become the basis for economic and political decisions-making. Moreover, the Modern East Asia Research Group aims to take an active part in the life of the international scientific community. It connects the region’s experts, encourages interdisciplinary research and supports the dissemination of knowledge about East and Southeast Asia.

For the above mentioned reasons, the PPCU Modern East Asia Research Group:

  • persues research in connection with the various current issues of East and Southeast Asia
  • publishes working papers (which are available for everyone)
  • publishes books and studies
  • organizes conferences and workshops
  • hosts guest lecturers from Hungary and abroad
  • takes part in international researches
  • is  involved in the various educational programmes of PPCU
  • provides an opportunity for young talents to join the world of science

The Research Group strives to develop fruitful cooperation with other institutions in Hungary and abroad, welcome guest lecturers, conduct joint research and create opportunity for communication. The Research Group also seeks to contribute to the extensive international research in connection with present-day East and Southeast Asia.

One other important goal of the Research Group is to reach out to the Hungarian general public and provide them with the latest results of international and domestic research, to increase the level of common knowledge about the region and to facilitate the political decision-making with the accumulated knowledge. This way, the activities of the Research Group contribute to the development of the concerned scientific fields, while it deepens the political, economic and cultural relations between Hungary and the East and Southeast Asian region.




Full-time Researchers


  • Zsuzsanna Csibra
  • Anett Kozjek-Gulyás
  • Júlia Szivák
  • Máté Szakáli
  • György Sziráczki

Part-time Researchers