Tamás Szigetvári

My name is Tamás Szigetvári. I am an economist specialised in international economic relations. I have started to work for the Institute of World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1996. My current fields of interests are: economic development in the EU neighbourhood (esp. Turkey, Mediterranean countries), development theories and experiences.

I have been an associate professor at Pázmány University since 2010. My courses (in English) are: World economics, International economic institutions, EU in the world economy, Sustainable development, EU Enlargement & Neighbourhood, and Economic security & the economics of security. I am also a lecturer at CIFE's Executive Master in European studies, where I teach in courses: Experiences of EU enlargements, EU facing global economic challanges, and EU cohesion and integration.

I have good experiences with foreign students in general, both with Erasmus students (most of them from Germany, France, Italy and Eastern Europe), and with double degree students (from France and Portugal). I think the presence of foreign students on the courses is useful and inspiring for the Hungarian students as well.

One of the specialities of the lectures at our university is the final oral exam. Most foreign students have no experience with oral exams, and they used to fear them. I have to assure you, however, that most of the students used to enjoy these conversation-type exams, and later they admit that it was easier than expected.