Guest lecture organised by the Faculty’s Department of Political Science May 18, 2018

Prof. Andrea Komlosy has accepted the invitation of PPCU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to give a guest lecture at Sophianum on 15th May 2018.

She is a social historian of Central Europe and a professor at the University of Vienna.  

The Masterclass was organised by the Department of Political Science.

Prof. Komlosy’s lecture was titled Dead End or Way Out of Dependency? A global perspective on Eastern Europe – V4 economic development

She was focusing on the Visegrád Group, the Chech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, and their economic structure mainly between 1989 and 2018. She approached the topic from a global perspective, namely from a Western and an Eastern European one. She based her presentation on Eastern Europe’s economic performance and she presented it from a historical viewpoint.

After the interesting and insightful lecture, a brief discussion took place. Students of Political Science raised good points, asked several questions in connection with the Hungarian economy and its European context and they engaged in a friendly and informal conversation with Prof. Komlosy.