Success of PPCU's Archeology Mission September 18, 2017

The Syrian-Hungarian Archelogy Mission finished its 2017 summer season with success on Monday at Krak des Chevaliers Castle in Homs province.

Last July, the mission started its works in the castle, in cooperation with Syrian archaeologists, which included conducting studies and drawing up plans to restore and fix the parts of the castle that were damaged by terrorist attacks. The mission used 3D technology to photograph the damaged areas to determine the location of each room in its original condition, adding that the mission will return to work in the castle to complete some work inside it.

The Krak des Chevaliers Castle is located around 60 km West of Homs city in the Syrian coast mountain ranges. It is considered one of the most significant historical monuments in Syria and one of the most important medieval castles due to its historical and architectural qualities. It was listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2006.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency