French Connection – Comparative Cultural Studies Research Group

The French Connection (FC) research group began in 2013. The group pursues research in Hungarian and French comparative cultural studies. The primary aim is the exploration of the reception of French literature, as well as the historical influence of French literature and humanities. The subject of the comparative research is the relationship between literary phenomena, within individual literatures, as well examining the context between literatures. The research group also addresses the theoretical foundation of literary studies from an general academic perspective, the problems of literary theory, the theories of the creation, distribution and reception of literature and the fundamental questions of literary translation. Furthermore, the group in accordance with its interdisciplinary orientation examines the liminal areas of literary studies and aspects of literature useful to other disciplines. Thus (the study of) literature and other disciplines are placed under examination in the light of their possible connections, fields of study close to literature and the study of literature such as philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, theology, sociology or even areas of media studies, thereby revealing hidden possibilities through joint analysis.

The members are mostly Hungarian and foreign university lecturers, making good use of shared results in university education. Since the beginning the work of the research group has built around ongoing research projects, which have been pursued in cooperation with several Hungarian and foreign institutes (eg. ELTE, PTE, SZTE, MTA, Paris 8, Paris 3, Université catholique de Louvain, Villanova University, Lire en Europe Aujourd’hui.)

The main research programmes of the FC are:

  • Perception, composition, creation (methods of phenomenology, psychology, aesthetics and theology in contemporary social sciences and humanities). (KAP)
  • The church at the intersection of sacred, aesthetic and public spheres. (KAP)
  • Erratic reading. The meeting points of sensuality, critical thought and ethics in modern philosophy and cultural studies. (KAP)
  • Trauma and aesthetic experience (KAP, ongoing)
  • “Writing”, l’ipséité, literature. On the (con)text of deconstruction. (Jacques Derrida’s interpretations of Husserl and Lévinas) (OTKA, PD 108926)

The research group presents its findings at academic conferences and in academic volumes and collections. Since its beginnings the group has organised eight thematic international conferences for the presentation of its research findings, and has published its findings in both Hungarian and French.

Recent publications:

  • Anikó Ádám ‒ Anikó Radvánszky ‒ François Soulages (dir.): L'homme qui rêve, L'Harmattan, Paris, 2015.
  • François Soulages ‒ Anikó Ádám (dir.): Les frontières des rêves. L'Harmattan, Paris, 2015.
  • Térérzékelések ‒ térértelmezések (’Perceptions of space – Interpretations of space’), ed. Anikó Ádám ‒ Anikó Radvánszky,  Kijárat, Bp., 2015.
  • Anikó Radvánszky: Jel ‒ írás ‒ eredet. A dekonstrukció kontextusairól (‘Sign – Writing – Origin. On the Contexts of Deconstruction’), Kijárat, Bp., 2015.
  • Anikó Ádám: Du vague des frontières - Littératures & langues, espaces, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2015.