Mos Maiorum Research Group

The primary goal of the Mos Maiorum Research Group is to shed some light on the similarities and differences of the constitutional and political cultures of democracies in western civilization with the aid of comparative political sciences, constitutional law and political philosophy. At the focal point of this research stands the constitutional and political culture of the wide sphere of voters and the political elite in the broad sense of the word. Its goal is the development of the Hungarian political thought and culture, as well as the contextualization of domestic political and constitutional developments in the international course of events.

Members of the group are constantly publishing their individual research outcomes as well as analyses of contemporary political phenomena at the Mos Maiorum blog: The group has organized the following scholarly events so far:

  • Constitutional Culture in Western and Central Europe, 13-15 November 2013, (PPCU BTK).
  • László Péter and Hungarian historical constitutionalism, 16 April 2015, (MTA TK JTI).
  • The legacy of László Péter, 16 February 2016, (MTA TK JTI).