Research Group for Baroque Ceiling Painting

The aim of this research is to create a digital archive and a printed corpus of the surviving relics of Hungarian baroque fresco painting. The programme is collaborating in the work of a newly established international research group (Research Group for Baroque Ceiling Painting in Central Europe), wherein every country of the Central European region record the baroque frescoes in their own region; the photos and academic papers are then compiled in an internet database.

In Hungary we are aware of more than 250 religious and secular buildings, in which one can find partially and wholly complete 17th-18th century frescoes. During research members of the group visited each and every relic, taking detailed photo documentation of each one. The photo materials were then added to a photo database, while attached to the pictures are relevant encyclopaedic tags (name of artist and location, date, iconographic keywords), with which individual pictures can be searched. In the corpus the technique, condition, history of creation and restoration, and iconic characteristics of every single relic are examined.