Research Group for Comparative History of Civilizations

Since the 1990s, in the Hungarian and international scholarly world the kinds of “cross-disciplinary” research which examine the various origins of civilizations, the circumstances of their development, their internal logic, their relations with one another, their conflicts, or the causes of their disappearances have been undertaken with ever-increasing significance. The PPCU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences established a research group for comparative history of civilizations with the aim of formalizing work being done in social sciences and to a lesser extent in the humanities and their intersection areas, in order to focus divergent research intentions and present a sharp profile. One key goal is the study of European identity in a global context, from a social scientific perspective. Major topics of research: the connections of ideas within and beyond Europe; comparative historical sociology; comparative legal history, especially the relationship between European and non-European systems of law; comparative civilization theory. Our primary goals include treating the work of scholars lesser known in Hungary such as Ibn Khaldún, Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Oswald Spengler, as well as contemporary scholars like Norbert Elias, Niall Ferguson, Rodney Stark, Jan Assmann and others. The research group is newly founded; the first outcomes of its work are expected to be released in late 2016.