Research Group for Social History

The research group’s most important Hungarian contact in the field is the MTA Institute of Humanities, with whom it aims at joint research and publications. In close collaboration, the Comparative Regional Social History subject group and the PPCU Social History Research Group wish to treat social historical problems of the 20th century.

The group’s major areas of research are:

  • Changes in the role of Hungarian and European nobility in the 20th century.
  • Identity and memory, use of space and attachment to place.
  • The personal and collective biographies of the rural “middle class”.
  • History of estates and buildings (e.g. country houses and manors).
  • The peasant elite and religious society – before and after collectivization.
  • The social history of Catholic schooling.
  • The comparison of the above questions across the Trianon borders.
  • A digital (Catholic) oral history archive.