Central European Studies MA

The aim of the programme

The aim of the Central European Studies MA programme at Pázmány Péter Catholic University is to train professionals

  • who have high-level regional knowledge related to the Central European region;
  • who are prepared for a variety of tasks within foreign policy, economic analysis, research, representation, intercultural communication, cultural diplomacy and organisational matters related to the Central European region;
  • who can employ their broad knowledge in the media, in education, diplomacy, corporate work, in minority organizations and in different cultural communities;
  • who are prepared to pursue PhD studies.

Admission requirements:

  • BA in History, or trainings from humanities or social sciences with 50 credits from history of philosophy, aesthetics, economics, social science, international studies, political science, Romology, communication, history, literary theory, linguistics, German studies, Slavonic studies;
  • B2 language certificate in English or German.

This programme is not available in the Scholarship Programme for the Hungarian Diaspora.