Online class rules 2021. február 7.

Rules of conduct for online classes

Dear Students,

Since the pandemic has forced us to start yet another semester online, it is important that the rules of attendance and class participation are clarified, for all our benefits.

By default, all seminars are held in live, online video meetings, where your active participation is just as much required as it was in the classroom. This means that you need to have a reliable internet connection, and any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc) that has a camera and a microphone, which allows you to join the class fully. Your camera should be kept switched on during the whole class. (You may mute your microphone when you are not speaking, especially if there is too much background noise.)

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the class (no pyjamas, please!), and try to keep your private life off the screen, as much as possible. Try to sit in a way that the camera shows your whole face, and not just a dark silhouette.

If, for whatever reason (e.g. your internet connection is unstable), your device works better with the camera off, your instructor will allow you to turn it off. However, in this case you will need to work extra hard to prove that you are present and participating in the discussion – raise your hand to signal that you wish to speak; or use the chat function if you have microphone issues.

If your camera and microphone are switched off for the duration of the whole class, and you make no attempt at participation, your instructor will mark this as an absence – therefore make sure that you are noticeably present during the whole class, with regular interactions, to prove that you are there, giving your full attention to the class.

In case you have any technical issues or other problems, contact your instructor – we are ready to help you as much as we can, as long as you also make sure to do your best to take your studies seriously/take an active part in your classes.

Best wishes for the spring semester,

The Institute of English and American Studies