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Publishing Open Access - 'Read & Publish' agreement
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'Pázmány Péter' Catholic University  (PPCU) is a participating institution of the Hungarian Electronic Information Service Programme (EIS) which is  designed to purchase and make available essential electronic information resources via national licensing for higher education and scientific research.

Read & Publish agreements signed with Taylor & Francis Group and de Gruyter in 2018 open up publishing opportunities for Hungarian researchers affiliated with EISZ-participating institutions. Open access charge (publication fee, article processing charge or APC) is already prepaid during the running period. The agreement includes both the costs of the library subscriptions as well as the costs of open access publishing.

Researchers affiliated with PPCU have an opportunity to publish OA articles, free of charge in fully open (gold) or hybrid journals issued by the two publishers. 

Authors may select any "Open Select" or "Open and Cogent" journal.

More about publishing OA in T&F journals, free of charge

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