Library Rules

Library rules and regulations

Rules concerning the use of library facilities and borrowing


Admission to the Library

 9§ (1) The Pázmány Péter Catholic University Library and all of its services are open to academic teachers, students and staff of the University.

[ … ]

(3) Other institutions may also use our collection based on interlibrary loan and information service network  according to the current Hungarian legal provisions  

(4) Library membership is valid upon registration. By filling in and signing the registration form the applicant’s personal data is registered, checked and stored. Registration is valid for one academic year.  

(5) Among the registered readers the Library welcomes teachers and students of the Faculty at high of priority.

(6) Readers doing serious or repeated breach of the Protocol can be excluded temporarily or permanently from the Library. The Head of the Library is entitled to make a decision about the exclusion at first instance. Legal remedy can be filed against the decision upon receipt within 15 days

a) in case of reader having a student status according to the rules of the Remedy Regulations of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University,

b) external visitors can file for legal remedy should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty in writing sent to the Office of the Dean.

(7) All users must possess a Library Card as a proof of membership. Library Card is not transferable. Lost or destroyed Library Card must be reported in writing. A replacement fee will be charged for the replacement card.

(8) The electronic system of the Library stores all data of borrowed items and the possible debit. All users upon registration must accept that in case of questioning their personal data the burden of proof is the user’s obligation.

(9) Users are requested to report any changes in their personal data especially postal address.  Users must responsible for any damage caused by late reporting. 


Regulations of using the Library

 10§ (1) Services offered by the Library can be used by all registered readers during the opening hours. Opening hours are determined by the Dean of the Faculty on the suggestion of the Head of the Library.  

(2) The services offered by the Library are the following:

a)      Library visit

b)      Use collections appointed by the Library on the spot

c)      Use of the catalogue

d)      Information about the Library and its services

e)      Loaning

f)       Information about the literature

g)      Use of the special collection

h)      Local or remote access to licenced database.

(3) Some of the listed services, i.e. information about the literature, use of the special collection, use of remote licenced database and loaning, can be used only by the members and students of the Faculty. Some holdings groups can be borrowed by other Library visitors with exceptional reason.

(4) It is prohibited to bring in bags, backpacks or laptop bags, coats, as well as food and drinks. Luggage lockers can be found in the Library – their use is required. The Library cannot be obliged to money exchange.

(5) Library books must not be underlined, damaged or misused. Copying theses or computer-misusing is strictly prohibited.

(6) Noise, disturbance, loud speaking or inappropriate behaviour is prohibited. The use of cell phones in the Library is not allowed.

(7) In case of disturbing the order of the Library librarians may suspend the use of material or computer and user may be temporarily excluded using the services and expelled from the Library. Beside the occasional expulsion temporal or permanent elimination can be initiated at the same time.


11§ (1) Books can be borrowed and redeemed at the predetermined borrowing office. Visitors may obtain a certificate about the return of borrowed items upon request.

(2) The following items are not allowed to borrow:

a) items which are sealed with “not for borrowing” (i.e. “nem kölcsönözhető” in the Library or on the web-catalogue

b) periodicals

c) cyclopaedias, handbooks, dictionaries – if they are auxiliary copies – and manuscripts (theses, Ph.D. dissertations)

(3) Theses and Ph.D. dissertations can be on view only at the Library where they are kept. Copying, reproducing and borrowing theses are strictly forbidden. Only notes are allowed to be taken of theses.

(4) Borrowing and returning are only possible personally with one’s own valid Library Card. Borrowing can be extended online as well.

(5) User can borrow any item from the Library if there is no more than three day-overdue debt to the Library.  

(6) A registered visitor may only borrow five items at the same time.

(7) Books borrowed by others can be reserved.

(8) Library documents may have the following loan periods depending on the labelling:

a)      1 workday

b)      7 workdays

c)      60 workdays

d)      120 workdays

(9) In case of loaning for 7 workdays or less the loaning period may be extended five times at most (through the online catalogue, personally or by phone) before the loaning period expires. Books can be renewed only before the due date and in case there is no reservation for the document.

(10)  In case of exceptional reason loaning period may be renewed for half year at most with a written permission of the Head of the Library.

(11) Books purchased for course development or for research projects can be borrowed by lecturers and researchers for the duration of the project.


12§ (1) The Library sends Due Date Reminders to borrowers two days prior to expiry by e-mail. After the due date the Library sends Overdue Notices to the borrower by e-mail within three days.

(2) Fines are charged to all users on items not returned by the due date. The penalty rate is determined every year by the University Council. In case the delay is 32 workdays the Library qualifies the item as lost and the borrower must pay – besides the late penalty fee – twice the value of new replacement as compensation. After this process the return of the item is not possible.

(3) In case of damage or destruction of library documents the user is required to pay twic the value of the replacement as compensation.

(4) If a debit derives from late penalty fee or damage for borrowers with student status the Library sends a notification about the debit to the Department of Accounting, Finance and Controlling within one week in the following cases:

a) if the Library has knowledge of the destruction or damage of items

b) if the Library has knowledge of late return of items

c) if the Library has knowledge of 33rd day of expiration of the loaning period for non-returning items

(5) Borrowers with student status must settle any payment towards the Library only through the Neptun-system.

(6) Exemption or reduction cannot be given in accordance with late payment fee or damage.

(7) The Financial Directorate has to be informed by the Library about other, non-student user’s debit as soon as possible.

 Temporary or final provisions

 13§ (1) After these regulations come into force, debit towards the Library cannot be paid by cash. Current debits must be issued in the Neptun-system.

(2) In case of loans started and not expired before these regulations come into force, this regulations have to be applied.

(3) Users have to be informed about borrowings which have been expired before these regulations come into force. After 32 days of the warning the Library qualifies the item as lost and the borrower is required to pay twice the value of the replacement as compensation – besides the late penalty fee. After this process the return of the item is not possible.

(4) If the Library is closed on workdays for any reason, these days must not be taken account considering the calculation of the deadline.