Conference Proceedings, 2013


IRUN-CUP Conference Proceedings volume – Abstract


Between 29 and 31 August, 2013, almost 70 graduate students currently enrolled in Masters or Doctoral studies at one of the member universities of the International Research Universities Network (IRUN) and the Catholic Universities Partnership (CUP), established and supported by the University of Notre Dame, gathered for a three-day conference in the historic venue of Szent Adalbert Conference Centre in Esztergom. The primary aim of the conference was to encourage student research and tighten the connections among members of IRUN and CUP, by sharing both scientific results and interests that may lead to further cooperation and joint projects in the future. The conference was made possible by a generous grant of the European Union and the New Széchenyi Plan by the National Development Agency of the Hungarian Government.

The structure of the volume containing the conference proceedings is fundamentally thematic, with essays organised on the basis of the broader disciplines they have originated from; thus the reader will find essays on literary studies, from traditional philological work to contemporary theoretical arguments on literature and criticism; these are followed by investigations into various areas of theoretical and applied linguistics. Historical studies offer a natural introduction to interdisciplinary studies within the social sciences, political and economic studies. The volume is rounded off by studies on philosophy, theology and psychology, and in this way it provides ample illustration from nearly the whole spectrum of disciplines that belong to the humanities and social sciences.