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Welcome to Pázmány Péter Catholic University!

Why Pázmány?

"I really enjoy the friendliness of the faculty and students. I love my courses and they are unlike anything I could take anywhere else." – Erin Gallagher (USA)
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"What I like about Pázmány Péter Catholic University is the attitude of university staff who turned out to be very obliging and helpful." – Łukasz Woiński (Poland)
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"I love studying at the PPKE because it gives me the chance to meet people from other countries and to get in touch with other cultures." – Francesco De Felice (Italy)
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"I like it a lot, because it is a small university with small classes, in which I feel cosseted. The lectures can responsive to individual needs and they help a lot." – Daniela Blaimer (Germany)
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"Pázmány is a great University, well known and with a variety of different and really interesting courses that I was excited to take." – Madalena Santos (Portugal)
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