Institute/Department: Institute of English and American Studies
Level of education: magister, master, MA
Type of training: full-time training
Qualification: Philologist in English Studies
Study area: Arts and Humanities
Duration of programme: 4 semesters, 120 credits
Location of the programme: Hungary, Budapest, Building Z (H-1111 Budapest, Bertalan Lajos St. 2.)
Curriculum of the programme (2024-2025)
Available in the framework of the following scholarship programmes:
- Stipendium Hungaricum
This programme is not available in the Scholarship Programme for the Hungarian Diaspora.

The aim of the programme:

The aim of the English Studies MA programme at Pázmány is to train professionals,

  • who possess high-level oral and writing skills in the English language and have a broad knowledge in the field of English Studies;
  • who can employ their high-level English language skills effectively, making expert use of the theoretical, practical and methodological skills they have acquired in the MA programme;
  • who are familiar with the literatures and cultures of English-speaking countries, their socio-political environment and their history;
  • who have a basic knowledge of modern theoretical and applied linguistics and are familiar with its basic principles and the main areas of research, including the results of such research relating to the English language;
  • who can profitably employ their broad knowledge in business, in the media, in the diverse fields of education, publishing, diplomacy, international affairs, tourism, project management, and culture;
  • who plan to pursue PhD studies;
  • who can employ their acquired skills and knowledge on an inter- and multidisciplinary level and are capable of pursuing academic research and publishing on their own.

The programme takes two years to complete.

Short description of the programme:

Our MA programme aims to deepen our students' knowledge about English literatures. First, students complete courses exploring the theories of literature and culture, visual culture and then can decide to take one of the two specializations: English literature, which specialization focuses mostly on British literature, with some Australian and Canadian literaturewhile the other specialization explores the Irish literature.


  • English Literature
  • Irish Studies


Admission requirements:

- Academic requirements: BA degree in English Studies or in any field of the Humanities (with appropriate advanced level language qualifications conforming to C1 level).
- Language requirements: English language competency at level C1 or higher.

Requirements and accepted foreign language tests: C1 →