Institute/Department: Institute of History
Level of education: baccalaureus, bachelor, BA
Type of training:
- full-time training
- part-time training
Qualification: Philologist in History
Study area: Arts and Humanities
Duration of programme: 6 semesters, 180 credits
Location of the programme:
- Hungary, Budapest, Sophianum (H-1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán square 1.)
- Hungary, Budapest, Danubianum/Building Z (H-1111 Budapest, Bertalan Lajos St. 2.)
Curriculum of the programme (2022-2023)
Available in the framework of the following scholarship programmes:
- Stipendium Hungaricum (full-time training)
- Scholarship for Christian Young People (full-time training)
- Diaspora Scholarship (full-time training)

Short description of the programme:

Beginning in Autumn Semester of 2021, Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU) will offer a Bachelor's degree in History, taught in English. This three-year program provides students with a sound foundation in aspects of the discipline of history, which prepares student for fields related to studying past or continuing on to more advanced graduate work. Designed by top scholars from both sides of the Atlantic, the program offers a dynamic curriculum preparing students to understand narrative of the past, and engage with documentary sources, and historiography. While the program offers a strong foundation in the narratives of Europe and the Americas, it also the role of global, connected, transnational, and comparative in reading the past. The program is strong in the Middle East, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Caucuses regions, and currently offers specialization on Armenian Studies; Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea Studies.


- Armenian Studies

Admission requirements:

- Academic requirements: secondary school leaving certificate/high school diploma.
- Language requirements: English language competency at level B2 or higher.

Entrance exam:

All applicants will take part in an entrance exam prior to acceptance to the programme.
The oral interview measures general aptitude, foreign language skills, sufficient background knowledge and student's motivation.