The Faculty of Humanities was opened in Budapest in 1992. It moved to its campus in Piliscsaba in 1994, and established a separate venue for certain Master's and later Bachelor's trainings in Budapest in 2012. Due to the increasing significance of, and number of programmes in social sciences, our Faculty was renamed Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2012. The former Vitéz János Faculty located in Esztergom was integrated into our Faculty as the Vitéz János Centre for Teacher Training in 2013. Our Faculty attaches importance to the training of future teachers.

Therefore the faculty has campuses in three different cities: Piliscsaba, Budapest and Esztergom. At the faculty there are over 40 different Bachelor and Master degree programmes in the fields of humanities, social sciences and economics, ranging from Hungarian and several foreign languages to history, art history, philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, sociology, international studies, political science, and international economics.