Institute/Department: Institute of History
Level of education: magister, master, MA
Type of training:
- full-time training
- part-time training
Qualification: Historian
Study area: Arts and Humanities
Duration of programme: 4 semesters, 120 credits
Location of the programme:
- Hungary, Budapest, Sophianum (H-1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán square 1.)
- Hungary, Budapest, Danubianum/Building Z (H-1111 Budapest, Bertalan Lajos St. 2.)
Curriculum of the programme (2022-2023)
Available in the framework of the following scholarship programmes:
- Stipendium Hungaricum (full-time training)
- Scholarship for Christian Young People (full-time training)
- Diaspora Scholarship (full-time training)

Short description of the programme:

Pázmány Péter Catholic University's MA History programme – in English – offers broad training in History at the Master's degree level. The curriculum blends both practical and theoretical to help students deepen their knowledge of history. Central to the programme's theme is a thematic focus on historiography, historical methods and theory, material and textual culture, and cultural history. The programme's regional focus encapsulates not only the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Europe but also considers global and transnational historical narratives. The required coursework covers periods from antiquity to the contemporary world – with particular strength in Ottoman and Armenian history. Students may also receive a specialisation in Armenian Studies. Students will submit a final capstone thesis, which they will develop over four semesters under the direction of their faculty advisor.

The History MA programme also emphasizes writing and developing the historical process through a deep understanding of historical methods, theory and historiography. The programme strengthens students' comfort levels in writing in English, providing an excellent foundation for students interested in continuing to the doctoral level.


- Armenian Studies

Admission requirements:

- Academic requirements: BA in History, or BA in Humanities, Social Sciences or Law (with 50 credits from BA in History).
- Language requirements: English language competency at level B2 or higher.
The admission process entails verification of completed BA degree or its equivalent.

Entrance exam:

All applicants will take part in an entrance exam prior to acceptance to the programme.
The oral interview measures general aptitude, foreign language skills, sufficient background knowledge and student's motivation.


Accomplishment of 120 credits according to the curriculum, thesis work, final examination; CEFR C1 language examination in a foreign language, or a CEFR B2 language certification in another language than the one required for the BA degree, or a secondary school leaving certificate or other qualification equivalent to these.