Curriculum and Syllabus of the History MA programme:

The curriculum blends both practical and theoretical to help students deepen their knowledge of history. Central to the programme's theme is a thematic focus on historiography, historical methods and theory, material and textual culture, and cultural history. The programme's regional focus encapsulates not only the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Europe but also considers global and transnational historical narratives. The required coursework covers periods from antiquity to the contemporary world – with particular strength in Ottoman and Armenian history. Students also receive a specialization in Armenian Studies.

Courses of the History MA programme:
Historical research and methods 2 26*
Introduction to Historiography 2
Ancient History 3
Introduction to Material Culture 2
Armenian History in Context 1: From Prehistoric to the Cilician Kingdom 4
Diaspora 1: Migration, Transnationalism, and Diaspora 4
Armenian Genocide 1: Theoretical and Comparative Approaches to the Armenian Genocide 3
Special Topics in Armenian Studies (e.g. Visual Sources and material culture, Museology) 3
Armenian Historiography 3
History and Theory (Philosophy of History) 3  
Global History 1: Antiquity to 1500 C.E. 3  
Introduction to Textual Culture 3  
Armenian History in Context 2: From the Mongol Conquest to Modernity 4  
Issues in Armenian Material Culture 3  
Islam in the Caucasus 3  
Armenian Genocide 2: History, Context and International Responses 3  
Diaspora 2: History and Memory 3  
Topics of History and Historiography of Medieval Europe 2 20*
Antiquity and National Identity 3
Ethnic Changes and Cultural Pluralities in Southwest Asia and Central Asia 2
Nations and State Formation in 19th/20th Centuries 3
Armenians in Eastern and Central Europe 1: the Medieval and Early Modern Periods 3
The Ottoman Borderlands (The Frontiers of Empire as Liminal Spaces) 3
Global History 2: 1500 C.E. - Modernity 3
Topics in Church History 3
Cultural and Intellectual History (Enlightment to the modernity) of Europe 2
American Century: domestic history and international role of the USA in the 20th century 2
Europe in the Twentieth Century 2
History of the Hungarian People 3
Armenians in Eastern and Central Europe 2: the Modern and Contemporary Periods 4
Empire and Nation: Armenians in the Ottoman and Russian Empire 4

* Optional Courses / History Thesis Preparation not included