Institute/Department: Institute of International Studies and Political Science
Level of education: magister, master, MA
Type of training: full-time training
Qualification: International Relations Expert
Study area: Social Science
Duration of programme: 4 semesters, 120 credits
Location of the programme: Hungary, Budapest, Sophianum (H-1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán square 1.)
Curriculum of the programme (2022-2023)
Available in the framework of the following scholarship programmes:
- Stipendium Hungaricum (full-time training)
- Scholarship for Christian Young People (full-time training)
- Diaspora Scholarship (full-time training)


Short description of the programme:

The aim of the MA degree programme in International Relations is to educate highly qualified experts with deep knowledge in the field of social sciences who can interpret the essential issues of international relations; and understand the theoretical and practical context of international system. The graduates are proficient in languages, and have high level skills in negotiation techniques. Their comprehensive knowledge enables them to predict the tendencies of international economics and politics. The graduates have disciplinary knowledge in the areas of civilisation, world economy, international law, political science as well as practical skills in diplomacy, protocol. The students of the MA programme have a thorough education of the history, policies of the European Union and its institutions and economic system.
The MA program, based on a BA degree in International Studies, is open to students holding BA degrees in other fields of the social sciences (e.g. sociology, history). Therefore, the MA curriculum consists of courses which serve to broaden the students' knowledge from their prior BA studies both horizontally and vertically.
International Relations Core Issues:
The following topics in this module teach the dynamics of the global system: International Law, Theories of International Relations, International War and Peace, Terrorism, Comparative Constitutional Law, International Economics, International Economic Institutions, Diplomatic Law, Sustainable Development, Globalization
European Studies (specialisation): The Ideas of Europe, European Party System, EU Organisations, European Economics, European Agricultural Politics, EU Foreign Policy, EU in the World Economy


- European Studies

Admission requirements:

- Academic requirements: BA in Humanities, Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, Law or Political Sciences.
- Language requirements: English language competency at level B2 or higher.
  Requirements and accepted foreign language tests: B2 →

Entrance exam:

All applicants will take part in an entrance exam prior to acceptance to the programme.
The oral interview measures general aptitude, foreign language skills, sufficient background knowledge and student's motivation.