Training is based primarily on a compulsory seminar and lecture system. Seminars are, in general, informal, smaller study groups of 10-15 students, where there is possibility for individual consultation and discussion of the material as well as dealing with special exercises. They usually conclude with an independently written term paper or an examination.

Lecture courses are held for larger groups; attendance is not obligatory (but in some cases there is an attendance sheet about your presence). At the end of the semester students are required to pass written and/or oral examinations.

The examination periods are as follows:

  • First semester (Autumn term): from mid-December to late January
  • Second semester (Spring term): from late May to end of June

Lecture grades are usually based on the results of exams.

Grading System

The grading system generally used by Hungarian higher education institutions is the following:

  • The highest grade is 5 = Excellent (jeles)
  • 4 = Good (jó)
  • 3 = Satisfactory (közepes)
  • 2 = Pass (elégséges)
  • 1 = Failed (elégtelen) – has to be repeated

In addition to ECTS grades, which will be discussed below, exchange students also receive a Hungarian mark in their Certificates.

Credit System

The use of the credit system is to facilitate the recognition of courses at other higher education institutions. Our institution developed the credit system in accordance with the European ECTS. Normally 30 credits can be received each semester; therefore 60 credits can be attained at the end of an academic year. Each foreign student will receive an exam transcript issued by our Faculty. The transcripts will show the courses taken and the number of credits allocated to each course and the mark attained.
ECTS Grading Scale:

  • A: Excellent – outstanding performance with only minor errors
  • B: Very Good – above the average standards but with some errors
  • C: Good – generally sound work with a number of notable errors
  • D: Satisfactory – fair but with significant shortcomings
  • E: Sufficient – performance meets the minimum criteria
  • FX: Fail – some work required before the credit can be awarded
  • F: Fail – considerable further work is required

Hungarian vs. ECTS grades


Excellent (jeles)

A(EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors)

B (VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors)


Good (jó)

C (GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors)


Satisfactory (közepes)

D (SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings)


Pass (elégséges)

E (SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria)


Failed (elégtelen)

FX (FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded)

F (FAIL - considerable further work is required)

ECTS credits

Our Faculty gives credits according to the following method. Students can always count with these numbers:

  • BA course: 6 ECTS credits
  • MA course: 8 ECTS credits