Faculty Research

Research at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is linked to all the fields taught in humanities, social sciences and pedagogy. Research activity is conducted partly as individual research of faculty members, partly in research groups, often with the support of grants and scholarships and within international cooperation. The practice of involving students in faculty research is an integral part of training new generations of MA and PhD students. A number of the research programmes conducted at the Faculty (both individual and group) are funded by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA), and we have a number of teachers who have been awarded the prestigious Bolyai research grants, or who participate in the 'HUN-REN' programme of the Hungarian Research Network.

Research opens new perspectives in literature, history and art history, ancient history, orientalism, philology, history of religions, philosophy, linguistics, archaeology, history of culture, history of ideas and society, sociology, psychology, pedagogy, as well as communication and media. Specialized research is conducted in the framework of the 3D Geoinformatic Laboratory and the Psychological Research Laboratory, in international and local cooperation.