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Welcome to Pázmány Péter Catholic University!

Why choose Pázmány?

Pázmány is a University of Excellence that offers a marketable diploma of stable value.

Our university is dedicated to innovation and research not only in words, but in practice as well, as the programmes of our Doctoral Schools and the number of projects won and implemented clearly demonstrates.

It is our duty to pay attention to each other and assist one another. At Pázmány our goals focus not only on studying and the diploma—we are there for each other as well, for the community which includes everyone from the doorkeeper to the rector.

The whole university is imbued with the evangelical and joyful spirit of the gospel. Good humour and the joy of living are just as important in our everyday lives as earnestness and responsibility.

Finally, Pázmány Péter Catholic University has the international connections that make it possible for students to gather experience in different academic fields abroad as well.

Rev. György Fodor
Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Why You Chose Pázmány

"I like the activities they organize for students, like international evenings and day-trips to cities nearby. I think this university makes a great balance of studying and time off." – Luren Costa (Peru)
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"It's a university with a tradition and it already deals with a lot of international students." – Olga Jankov (Serbia)
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"It is a university on a human scale, which makes it possible not to feel lost, especially when you are a foreign student." – Lucie Deffenain (France)
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"There are so many students here and everyone is very easygoing, so it's always a pleasure to meet people." – Gabrielle Lefeuvre (France)
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