International Gathering Event


On 25 November afternoon, Pázmány University and Stipendium Hungaricum mentors organized a joint ''International Gathering Event'' Sophianum Building of PPKE. As mentors, we aimed to create a platform for students to share their cultural experiences, traditions, and perspectives with food-sharing.

Students from Syria, Turkey, India, France, Italy, and Uzbekistan participated in the gathering. All the students from different majors and programs gathered and exchanged food and culture.

This joint gathering was an amazing experience to facilitate cultural exchange and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds.

Students and mentors presented their countries with online presentations and shared their country's traditional folk and pop music and all students danced and sang. We tried a special Syrian herbs mixture with Syrian bread and Delicious Crepes from France and we tried authentic hats scarfs and bags from Uzbekistan

As mentors, we aimed to create an environment that goes beyond being just an event—make it a home where everyone feels like they belong, regardless of where they come from. As a PPKE Mentor team's motto is always to ensure that every student, no matter where they're from, feels supported and welcomed, helping them adjust to their new home away from home.

We aimed to organize a platform for students to share stories, traditions, and customs, turning the event into a vibrant tapestry of diverse experiences, and at end the of the day we are happy to succeed.

We are so proud to be Pázmány Péter Catholic University student and part of Pázmány Mentor Team 😊

I thank you to all the mentors who helped and participated in this event and also big thanks to Pazmany for making it possible.

Yaren Varol